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Are you working for a public sector institution? And interested to find out what we can do for you?

We are the VerbeterPartners; ImprovementPartners in English. A bureau for management consulting and trainings, specialised in improvement of the public sector. We are active in the Netherlands as well as abroad. We are a long time partner for several international project agencies. They hire us for assignments in countries oversees. These assignments have one thing in common: They are all focused on in improvement of the public sector or the people working there. Some of our latest assignments are presented below.

de VerbeterPartners Sander Maathuis - Tunisia
link to VNG-International-Leadership-Toolkit.pdf

Be an effective leader toolkit
We have created this toolkit for VNG International to be used within their capacity building programmes. It is targeted at politicians, managers and senior civil servants working for local governments. Especially those working in fragile and conflict affected countries. They can play an essential role to create a better future for their fellow citizens when being an effective leader.

We believe that effective leadership is the art of influencing and empowering people to achieve a common goal. In this toolkit the five elementary characteristics for this are explained. These are Self-Awareness, Influence, Vision, Communication and Empowerment.

Download this publication here for free!

Introducing a learning methodology for local economic development

For VNG International we developed a benchmarking methodology to be used by 5 Palestinian municipalities to stimulate local economic development. In 4 workshops we trained representatives of these municipalities in using this instrument to learn, exchange knowledge and gain expertise among each other on this topic.

Facilitating change in legal institutions

We developed and delivered several change management workshops for Slovenian public prosecutors and state attorneys on behalf of CILC. These workshops provided them with tools, instruments and techniques to successfully facilitate change projects within their own institution on operational improvement.

Masterclass Successful Management of Change

For CILC we developed and delivered a 3-week Masterclass on Successful Management of Change. The 25 participants were senior officials of different Lebanese Ministries and considered to be change agents within their own ministry. They were eager to gain knowledge and skills how to implement change projects successfully.

Training programme on creative learning techniques

For CILC we delivered a 2-week training programme for the teaching staff of the High Jurisdictional Institute of Libya to improve their teaching methods. Main focus was on how to include pedagogical techniques and technological instruments into their curricula.

Organisational development of the Association of Municipalities

For three years we support the Association of Municipalities in developing their capacity on behalf of VNG International. First, we have helped them in setting up an organisational and management structure. Second, we have trained staffers to deliver quality trainings to their members. Third, we have developed their personal leadership. And fourth we have worked with the board of directors in developing their lobby and advocacy capacity.

Improving municipal processes

For VNG International we have trained mayors and top management civil servants in improvement of municipal services using lean management. All participants took with them a process they wanted to improve, such as issuing permits or collecting waste and improved this process in practices applying the gained instruments and knowledge.

North Macedonia
Developing training and facilitation skills

The parliamentary training institute of Macedonia consists of 10 staffers responsible for training parliamentarians and parliamentary staffers. Topics are the constitution Macedonia, fighting crime and corruption or legal matters. Our 6 day training on behalf of CESS helped them in delivering these training using creative techniques and following a logical training set up.

Improving the legislative process

For CESS we trained 20 staffers of the parliament of Georgia in improving the legislative process using lean management. With them we looked at elements in their process that are of no added value and how to remove them. The result was a report with proposals how to improve the legislative process.

Training international civil servants in change management and municipal process improvement

For a number of years we deliver trainings in the Netherlands for The Hague Academy for local governance as part of their international training programmes. In these programmes staffers and elected representatives participate from local, regional and national governments from mainly fragile and developing countries. We train these groups in how to achieve change within their organisation or how to improve the service delivery of their organisation.

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